PMF for Linux and Windows, current version: 5.1.31 (November 2023)

Note: Starting with v.5.1.19, the DB2 CAE-based plugin for PMF will require DB2 v9 and higher. If you want PMF to work with older DB2 versions, drop me a mail.

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What it's all about

Very short description: PMF (Poor Man's Flight) is an OpenSource table-editor/visualizer for IBM's DB2 database and Microsoft Sql Server. Main feature is viewing and editing any table in the database, but PMF has some other useful functions, too (see below). Useful for developers and database admins. PMF is available for Linux and Windows.

What it does

Main Features: Additional features:

LOBS and XMLs:

Export, Import and Load

Table management


And some more

A little history

PMF (Poor Man's Flight) is a comfortable and rather powerful editor/visualizer for the tables of a DB2 Database. With DB2 v.2 IBM shipped a very useful program called "(Visualizer) Flight", which (among other things) allowed DB2 users to view and change the contents of tables.

In 1998 I started to write my own "Flight" from scratch for Linux. With TrollTech releasing a non-commercial edition of their library, I was able to port the Linux version to Windows and provide PMF as Free Software.

So, whether you are a database administrator or a software-developer or just curious to take a look into your database without view-blocking heavy interfaces, you might find PMF useful.

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Author: Gregor Leipelt